A UAE-based marine chemical supplier

Innoveda International General Trading LLC is the premier distributor and trusted marine chemical supplier based in the UAE. Specializing in Marine Boiler Water Treatment, Fuel Treatment, Evaporator Treatment, Jacket Cooling Water Treatment, and comprehensive Cleansing & Maintenance Chemicals, Innoveda Chemicals serves foreign-going & Coastal vessel needs across MENA and global ports.

  • Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Evaporator Treatment Chemicals
  • Ameroyal LTR Cleansing & Maintenance Chemicals
  • Fuel Treatment Chemicals
  • Sludge Conditioner Liquid Agen
  • O Scavenger Amerzin


Innoveda is a leading distribution company, ensuring the highest quality marine chemicals to enhance the fleet’s performance and longevity.

Innoveda excels as a trusted distributor, offering a wide range of ship maintenance chemical solutions to improve equipment performance and durability.

Innoveda stands out for its commitment to providing the best marine chemicals, meeting industry standards, and ensuring the fleet is well maintained.