Acid Neutralizer

Product Application: 

Acid Neutraliser allows users of pickling paste and other acidic metal treatment products to comply with pH requirements of trade waste water regulating authorities.

Acid Neutralizer – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Product Dose: 

Neutralisation of retained acidic waste For every litre of spent Acidic waste, add approximately 1.7 litres of Acid Neutralizer. The Acid Neutralizer on contact with the spent acid waste will go clear. Keep on adding Pickling Paste Neutraliser solution till a faint pink coloration exist.

If neutralisation has not occurred with the initial dosage, then add additional quantities of Acid Neutraliser at 100ml per litre of waste until colour change is observed.

Diagnostic Use After washing the Acidic material and while still wet, spray the Acid Neutraliser solution directly onto the area where the pickling gel was applied, in particular in corners and crevices. If residual acid is present an effervescent reaction will occur. Flush with water thoroughly once the effervescence has stopped.

Avoid contact with skin or eyes.


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