ALKALINITY CONTROL (Boiler Water Treatment)


Product Description:

ALKALINITY CONTROL is a component of the  completely coordinated treatment and should not be used in conjunction with a combined treatment, according to the product description. To keep the boiler water at the ideal alkalinity level to avoid corrosion, ALKALINITY CONTROL is introduced. Calcium and magnesium hardness salts cannot develop in this environment, but the precipitate can still be removed by blowdown.


By-pass pot feeder installed in the boiler feed pipe should be used to dose ALKALINITY CONTROL directly into the boiler for best results.

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearance: The liquid is typically clear or hardly muddy.
  2. Colour: Variable from colourless to pale yellow in hue.
  3. Odour: Typically negligible or moderate.
  4. Density: Low to moderate density for handling.
  5. PH Levels: Maintains an alkaline 


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