BWT ORGANIC (New Developed Boiler Water Treatment)

Product Description

The product is intended for use in boilers with low or medium pressure.Alkalinity is added to avoid corrosion, scale is prevented via polymer technology, and an organic compound forms throughout the boiler to stop corrosion.The use of a dosing pump for continuous dosage is advised.It is also advised to combine it with BWT Organic 4, which works well as a filming treatment for condensate lines.Two distinct dosage methods should be utilised because BWT Organic 3 and BWT Organic 4 shouldn’t be blended.




  1. Control of Scale and Corrosion
  2. Sustainable Formula
  3. Lowest Possible Environmental Impact
  4. Application Ease
  5. Efficiency of Cost
  6. Boiler performance was improved

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearance: The liquid usually appears as clear or barely turbid.
  2. Colour: BWT ORGANIC often has an amber to pale yellow tint.
  3. Odour: The treatment solution is light and inoffensive.
  4. Density.: It may be handled and mixed easily thanks to its mild 
  5. PH levels : BWT ORGANIC maintains, which encourage excellent scale and corrosion control, range from neutral to slightly alkaline.


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