OXYGEN CONTROL (Boiler Water Treatment)

Product description:

Boiler systems’ oxygen levels are efficiently managed via Oxygen Control, a crucial boiler water treatment. It prevents corrosion and protects the integrity of the boiler by lowering the oxygen content. This treatment ensures effective and secure operation by optimising boiler performance, extending equipment life, and lowering maintenance costs.




  1. NALFLEET Oxygen Control is a liquid substance that is simple to consume and does not affect conductivity.
  2. prevents corrosion in the feed water lines, steam lines, condensate lines, and boiler.
  3. rapid action because of the catalyst
  4. contributes to mechanical deaeration
  5. The water used for putting up the boiler in a wet condition can be treated with NALFLEET Oxygen control using a simple test to evaluate the level of treatment.



  1. affordable in use
  2. prevents iron and copper from corroding, extending the life and dependability of systems
  3. passivates the metal of the boiler.

HARDNESS CONTROL (Boiler Water Treatment)

Product description:

A highly effective liquid based on phosphate called “HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID” is intended to prevent calcium ions from clinging to metal surfaces and prepare them for blowdown. It’s simple to use and dosage this product.


To keep the phosphate level in the boiler water optimal, HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID is injected. Calcium and magnesium hardness salts cannot develop in this environment, but the precipitate can still be removed by blowdown.

Please be aware that this product is a component of a coordinated therapy and should not be used in conjunction with another treatment.

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearance: A liquid solution is typical.
  2. Colour: either tinted or colourless.
  3. Odour: Lacking or having a mild, neutral.
  4. Density: Moderate density for handling convenience.
  5. PH Levels: Maintains a pH range of neutral to slightly alkaline.


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