NCLT COLOR (Cooling Water Treatment)


Product Description:

A nitrite, borate, and organics-based corrosion inhibitor called COOLTREAT NCLT is appropriate for all kinds of engines as well as other closed recirculating water systems.

Features & Benefits:

Easy to dose, liquid cooling water treatment, and easy to use

The following features are present in this anodic inhibitor treatment:

  1. Highly effective anodic inhibitor treatment, protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals; 
  2. Deposits a microscopic protective film on surfaces; 
  3. Built-in pH buffering compounds; 
  4. Approved by major engine manufacturers; • Controls formation of hard scale deposits; 
  5. Won’t harm seals, glands, packing, hoses, and gaskets; 
  6. Compatible with all types of glycol-based antifreeze; 
  7. Can be utilised in any closed cooling water system.

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: A liquid solution is typically used.
  2. Colour: Variable, but frequently clear or barely .
  3. Odour: Mild or neutral.
  4. Density: Moderate density is needed for effective dissemination.


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