LIQUID COAGULANT (Boiler Water Treatment)

Product Description:

In order to keep adherent deposits and sticky sludge from forming in boilers, LIQUID COAGULANT is utilised. Normal blowdown is then used to remove the deposits and sludge. In the event of an oil contamination, LIQUID COAGULANT is also an option. The oil will coagulate before being blown down for disposal. The source of the contamination must be halted right away if the oil pollution is excessive and ongoing, and off-line cleaning is required to get the boiler back to normal functioning.




For best results, a dosing unit put in the boiler feed line after the return line to the hot well should be used to dose LIQUID COAGULANT directly into the boiler. Any kind of boiler coagulant shouldn’t be dosed into the hot well because it will congeal there and cause problems later.

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearance: The liquid is often transparent or translucent.
  2. Colour: Variable from colourless to pale yellow in hue.
  3. Odour: Commonly weak or undetectable.
  4. Density: Moderate density for handling convenience.


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