RO ANTISCALANT (Reverse Osmosis Treatment)

Product description:

For reverse osmosis systems, antiscalant is a water pretreatment additive that is very successful at preventing the membranes from scaling. An antiscalant is added to the feed water and circulated through the system before the water reaches the reverse osmosis membrane. The chemistry causes a lag between the calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. The delay gives the water enough time to cross the membrane before any chemical reactions that could lead to the formation of scale. This prevents scale from accumulating while the RO is purifying the water.




  1. Scale Avoidance
  2. Increased Effectiveness 
  3. Longer Lifespan 
  4. Expense Savings 
  5. Better Water Quality
  6. Less Downtime 
  7. Ecological friendliness 

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: Usually a liquid concentrate or a powdery substance.
  2. Colour: Variable, though frequently clear or pale.
  3. Odour: A slight chemical odor or being usually odorless.
  4. Density: Depending on the form (liquid or solid), density varies.


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