SLIP COAT (Temporary coating)

Product Description :

The film creates a barrier between the cargo and the surfaces of the cargo hold, speeding up and simplifying the cleaning process after unloading while achieving the best cleaning results.Slip-CoatTM is safe for the environment and the employees handling it, and it can be used in cargo holds transporting food products. It won’t contaminate the cargo. It is safe for all coatings and is non-corrosive.




  1. Cargo hold barrier or block that dissolves in water and is quickly removed
  2. Reduces the need for cleaning materials and labour
  3. Ideal for cleaning up after problematic cargoes like pet coke and coal.
  4. keeps even the most challenging goods from sticking to the coating
  5. offers momentary corrosion prevention.
  6. Hydrocarbon-free, water-based solvents


  1. Complies with all applicable environmental laws
  2. Composition based on substances provided by the FDA
  3. Absolutely safe for all types of coatings
  4. Simple to use and simple to take off

Physical properties

  1. Appearance: Clear
  2. Density [g/ml]: 1,01
  3. Form: Slightly viscous liquid
  4. PH: 6


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