MAR-SOL HD SAFE (Bulk Carrier Cargo Hold Cleaner)

Product Description :

The upkeep and cleanliness of these ships’ cargo holds is one of their biggest concerns. Maintaining a clean cargo hold is essential for making sure that commodities are transported safely, effectively, and in accordance with international laws. Modern cargo hold cleaner MAR-SOL HD SAFE was created to satisfy these requirements and raise industry benchmarks.




  1. Top-tier MAR-SOL HD SAFE, a cargo hold cleaner for bulk carriers, excels with remarkable cleaning strength and effectively removes tough residues. 
  2. Its biodegradable, environmentally friendly formulation guarantees adherence to strict rules while placing a priority on safety. 
  3. This also offers little environmental impact, cost-efficiency, versatility across cargo types, long-term corrosion prevention, and user-friendliness. MAR-SOL HD SAFE, a brand trusted by industry titans.
  4. Establishes a new benchmark for cargo hold cleanliness while optimising operations and protecting the environment.


  1. Successful Cleaning
  2. Responsible Environmental Behaviour
  3. Assurance of Compliance
  4. Priority for Safety
  5. Protection from Corrosion
  6. Versatility


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