SEACLEAN PLUS (Oil Tanker Cleaner)


The criteria for chemical safety and pollution risks are met by Seaclean  Plus. It is an IMO-approved tank cleanser that is perfect for cleaning up after CPP and DPP cargo, according to the MEPC 2 Circulars.




  1. This product’s emulsifying ingredients degrade naturally.
  2. Does not include any estrogenic substances, such as nonylphenol ethoxylates.
  3. versatile and suitable for many different uses
  4. Tanks with multiple bottoms, deep levels, and fuel oil can be cleaned and gas-freeed at sea.
  5. Can also be used to clean and gas-free mineral oil cargo tanks that are carrying crude and refined oil.
  6. Can be used to degrease and clean engine rooms and bilge regions.


  1. tank cleanser that is highly concentrated, has rapid penetration, and powerful emulsifying abilities
  2. Simple to wipe off, leaving surfaces clear of oil
  3. affordable and extremely low dose rates
  4. Simple to use by any standard method
  5. Safe for use with the majority of painted surfaces, metal surfaces, and tank coatings


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