AQAUTUFF HIGH FOAM (Bulk Carrier Cargo Hold Cleaner)


A powerful alkaline cleaner with good foaming properties, Aquatuff High Foam was specifically created for cleaning the cargo holds of bulk carriers and OBOs. The dense foam that is produced increases cleaning effectiveness by preventing the cleaning solution from flowing off vertical surfaces. It is made of just biodegradable materials, is water-based, and is safe for the environment. Most dry cargoes are successfully reduced to “water white standard” by it. Although Aquatuff High Foam was created specifically for cleaning cargo holds, it can also be utilised for other cleaning tasks where high foam is advantageous but Aquatuff is typically employed.



Features :

  1. Heavy Duty Alkaline Water Based Cleaner
  2. Specifically designed for use in cleaning cargo holds
  3. Does not contain estrogenic substances such as nonylphenol ethoxylates.
  4. biodegradable
  5. Without the use of hydrocarbon solvents
  6. Ideal for clearing up after coal, pet coke, and other challenging cargoes
  7. Use is both efficient and cost-effective.
  8. Completely safe for use with epoxy coatings


Complies with the EU Detergent Regulation and all environmental regulations

When used to clean cargo holds and exterior surfaces aboard ships, this composition satisfies the requirements set forth in MARPOL Annex V for not being hazardous to the marine environment and may be dumped into the water.

Cleaning of Cargo Hold:

Specially designed Aquatuff High Foam is used to clean vertical surfaces. The dense foam produced when using the right spray foam equipment extends the amount of time the cleaning solution is in contact with the surface to be cleaned. It is used for cargo hold cleaning when switching from black to white cargo and efficiently eliminates the majority of dry cargoes, as well as sludge, soot, carbon deposits, fish meal, etc.

Use Aquabreak PX instead of Aquatuff High Foam when cleaning zinc coatings. 

Dosing strategy:

  1. Use spray foam equipment to apply Aquatuff High Foam mixed 10 to 25 percent (1:9 to 1:3) in water.
  2. Discontinue for 30 to 45 minutes. The ground is still damp.
  3. Use a high pressure washer to clean down. For optimal results, start at the bottom of the hold and work your way up as you guide the high pressure jet.
  4. In case more than once is required, repeat the process.


The concentration of Aquatuff High Foam in the cleaning solution may be decreased if Slip-Coat is applied to the cargo hold surfaces before loading.

The following considerations must be made when adding water to Aquatuff High Foam:

  1. Seawater might lessen the detergent’s capacity to produce foam.
  2. Seawater may alter the pH of the cleaning solution, which would lessen the cleaning efficacy.
  3. Seawater poses a corrosion risk to the equipment and surface it comes in contact with.

It is advised to have a concentration of at least 20% Aquatuff High Foam with a recommended mixture of 25% when mixing Aquatuff High Foam with seawater.


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