METAL BRITE HD (Bulk Carrier Cargo Hold Cleaner)

Product Description:

A non-flammable rust and metal tarnish remover is Metal Brite H.DTM. It is incredibly cost-effective to use and highly concentrated.




  1. Does not contain estrogenic substances such as nonylphenol ethoxylates.
  2. Affordable in use
  3. Non-flammable
  4. Brightening of surfaces, including aluminium


  1. prevents additional corrosion, cleans and passivates ferrous metal surfaces, and provides a substrate for paint to adhere.
  2. approved for use as a cleanser for tanks that come into contact with cooking oil by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  3. removes rust spots and minor rust.
  4. tarnish from non-ferrous metals is removed.
  5. restores painted, ceramic, and wooden surfaces free of rust spots.


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