LIME CLEANER (Bulk Carrier Cargo Hold Cleaner)

Product Description:

Lime Cleaner is an acid-based liquid product with a high acid concentration that is used to attack and remove caustic lime deposits, dry lime stains, and limestone from cargo tanks and other large common metal surface installations. Strong acids, surface-active ingredients, and unique corrosion inhibitors are used in the formulation of LIME CLEANER to neutralise strong alkaline-caustic conditions. 




Ideal for cleaning all typical metal tanks and installations of limestone, birdlime, and dry lime stains.

  1. Take decisive action right away.
  2. Except for those that are being galvanised and those made of tin, zinc, aluminium, and lead, this rule is applicable to all metal surfaces and components.
  3. A liquid mixture that is water soluble and non-flammable.
  4. Can be used to safely neutralise solids and liquids that are highly alkaline.
  5. No known impact on compounds made of rubber or plastic.
  6. Is compatible with a particular selection of other items.
  7. Replaces the usage of other products that can’t handle tricky situations like getting rid of rust and other hard deposits like salt deposits.
  8. Economical, simple to use, and apply. 


LIME CLEANER is a concentrated aqueous solution

consisting of a blend of acids, special surfactants and

specific corrosion inhibitors.

  1. Appearance/Color : Clear, colourless liquid
  2. Specific gravity : 1.20 – 1.30 gr/cm3 at 20°C
  3. Solubility in water : Appreciable
  4. pH value : 1.0 – 2.0
  5. Odour : Acidic


LIME CLEANER is considered a highly corrosive product. Operators must consult the Safety and Handling


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