RO ALKALINE CLEANER (Reverse Osmosis Treatment)

Product Description:

A powerful alkaline-based membrane cleaner called NALFLEET RO Alkaline Cleaner was created to enable the removal of calcium fluoride and the acid-soluble calcium, barium, and strontium sulphates.

During routine use, RO membranes may become fouled, which significantly lowers the system’s efficiency. Deposits accumulate on the membrane to the point where they reduce permeate flow and reduce salt rejection. Fouling’s impacts can result in low water quality, decreased output, unplanned downtime, and membrane replacement. Maintaining low pump output pressures and extending the membrane’s life can result in return on investment (ROI) results that range from 100 to 250%.




  1. Mildly acidic formulation
  2. Suitable for a variety of RO membranes
  3. Easy application with liquid formulation


  1. Keeps RO performance stable.
  2. Prolongs the life of membranes
  3. Makes it possible for ships to produce high-quality feed water and potable water.

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: A liquid concentration is typical.
  2. Colour: Usually transparent or subtly.
  3. Odour: Mild or neutral.
  4. Density: Moderate density for easy handling.


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