RO ACIDIC CLEANER (Reverse Osmosis Treatment)

Product description:

In reverse osmosis membrane elements, suspended particles, bacteria, and mineral scale can clog the membrane sheet during normal operation.  In order to remove calcium carbonate, mineral scale, hardness, iron, barium, sulphate, and other scaling from RO membranes, AM-11 Acid RO membrane cleaner was specifically designed. 




  1. Maintains system efficiency and product water quality at a higher level 
  2. Lowers operating costs by lowering the amount of energy needed to produce the required flow of product
  3. Reduces By extending the life of the membrane and easing the load on other system components, maintenance expenses can be reduced.

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: A liquid concentration is typical.
  2. Colour: Variable, though frequently clear or pale.
  3. Odour: Possible light chemical .
  4. Density: For ease of handling, the density is moderate.


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