MICROZYME (Sewage Treatment):

Product Description:

MICROZYME SEWAGE is a concentrated mixture of liquid-dwelling aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that was specifically chosen for its exceptional capacity to create active enzymes necessary for the breakdown of sanitation wastes. The fourth generation of bacteria sanitation treatments, MICROZYME SEWAGE, has undergone rigorous antibiotic testing. Microzyme Sewage is not a product of genetic engineering; it occurs naturally. As a result, it is suitable for use in all applications. If used on a regular basis, it will supplement the bacteria naturally present and degrade waste material more quickly and efficiently thanks to its unique ability to formulate bacteria strains that produce large amounts of amylase (starch), protease (protein), cellulase (cellulose), and lipase (grease).




Microzyme wastewater is slug-dosed into the sewage line through holding tanks such the Collection, Holding and Transfer System (CHTS) or Marine Sanitation Device (M.S.D.). Applying the chemical directly to the galley and restroom amenities, such as sinks, showers, and scuppers, would be a more practical way that ensures treatment throughout the system.

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: Usually in the form of dry powder or granules.
  2. Colour: Variable, but frequently beige or light brown.
  3. Odour: Mild or unremarkable.
  4. Density: Low to moderate densities are present.


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