SUPER DEGREASER (Heavy Duty Biodegradable Alkaline Degreaser)


Strong solvent cleaner CP Super Degreaser is excellent at removing waxes, paraffin, heavy lubrication oils, and black oils from surfaces. This degreaser, which is regarded as the strongest in the business, can be used on stainless steel, epoxy, polyurethane, and zinc-silicate coatings.


Quality Control:

  • Rigorous quality checks on reagents.
  • Regular equipment calibration.
  • Comprehensive documentation of results.
  • Employee training on best practices.
  • Strict adherence to standardized procedures.


Test Method:

  • Utilizes biodegradable, alkaline cleaning agents.
  • Complies with industry-specific testing standards.
  • Requires precise sample preparation.
  • Employs analytical techniques for grease and oil removal.


Testing Parameters:

  • Measures oil and grease content.
  • Assesses cleaning efficiency.
  • Determines surface compatibility.
  • Monitors residue removal.
  • Evaluate overall cleaning performance.


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