GENEPOL HD (Heavy Duty TEE-POOL All-Purpose Soap Cleaner)

GENEPOL HD is a robust iteration of the versatile TEE-POOL All-Purpose Soap Cleaner, renowned for its effectiveness in industrial and commercial settings. It offers superior cleaning power for challenging tasks.



Role in Industry:

In the industry, GENEPOL HD plays a pivotal role in:

  • Ensuring comprehensive cleaning of machinery, equipment, and workspaces.
  • Removing tough industrial residues, grease, and contaminants.
  • Supporting high standards of cleanliness for quality assurance.
  • Enhancing safety and hygiene in various industrial environments.


Purpose of the Method:

  • To provide a heavy-duty cleaning solution for industrial and commercial applications.
  • To tackle stubborn contaminants, oils, and grime effectively.
  • To maintain cleanliness, safety, and operational efficiency.
  • To improve overall hygiene standards.
  • To meet rigorous cleaning requirements in industrial sectors.



  • Cleaning industrial machinery and equipment is part of manufacturing.
  • Food processing: Keeping food manufacturing facilities clean.
  • Automotive: Degreasing equipment and parts for automobiles.
  • Commercial and office cleaning is provided by janitorial services.
  • Hotel and restaurant hygiene is upheld as part of hospitality.
  • Maritime: Assisting in cleaning and upkeep of nautical vessels.



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