ECOCLEAN HD (Heavy Duty Biodegradable Degreaser)

Product Description :

A heavy-duty cleanser, sanitizer, and disinfection detergent using natural citrus solvents is RapidClean EcoClean Heavy Duty Sanitiser. Ecoclean is a great floor cleaner and degreaser that is safe for the majority of hard surfaces and is environmentally friendly. ECOCLEAN is a vivid yellow liquid that combines a potent disinfectant, a heavy-duty detergent system, and natural citrus solvents. All surfaces are cleaned and sanitised with Ecoclean, which is also safe for use on aluminium. Ecoclean can be used for a variety of tasks, including degreasing kitchen surfaces and equipment as well as removing baked-on filth and cooking oil from them. It is a fantastic floor cleaner as well.




Features and Benefits 

  • Process in one step
  • One action that cleans, sanitises, and eliminates odour
  • Corrosion inhibitors are present; safe for use on all cleaning targets.
  • Regarding delicate metals.
  • Aid in the elimination of greasy, oily soils
  • Strong cleaning action
  • Will clean efficiently in highly dirty circumstances.
  • High concentration of quat sanitizer
  • At cost-effective dose rates, sanitises.
  • Contains organic citrus solvents that give out a pleasant scent.
  • Formulation free of phosphate
  • Completely degradable
  • Accord’s “Recognised – Environmental Credentials Scheme” product registration.



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