AQUABREAK (heavy duty Biodegradable Alkaline Degreaser)

Product Description :

Without the use of solvents or cleaning products based on caustics, Aquabreak effectively eliminates grime and greasy substances. The complex binders in the surfactant formulation provide outstanding cleaning performance. Since Aquabreak has NSF approval, it can be used to clean food stations and service areas.





  • Good for use on terraces and in kitchens
  • Cleaner for the engine
  • Suitable for cleaning cargo tanks
  • Is appropriate for cleaning soiled textiles such as carpets, coverings, mats, dungarees, etc.
  • Effectively cleans vessels made of fibreglass.



  • Multi purpose water based degreaser
  • Highly concentrated
  • Biodegradable, low toxic and non-caustic
  • Safe on all materials



  • Has multi-functional applications so you can minimise the number of cleaners used onboard.
  • Safe to use and your safety is always our priority.
  • Minimise the risk of damaging surfaces


Physical Properties:

Appearance: Pale yellow

Density [g/ml]: 1,020 – 1,035

Form: Liquid

pH: 12


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