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Demineralized water, often known as DI water or DM water, is another name for deionized water. The ions have been mostly eliminated from the water. Ions are atoms or molecules that are either positively charged (called a cation) or negatively charged (called an anion) depending on the ratio of electrons to protons.




    • Purity: DI water is highly purified, typically containing very low concentrations of ions and impurities.
    • Ion Removal: It is processed to remove ions, including cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium) and anions (e.g., chloride, sulphate), resulting in a neutral pH.
    • Colourless and Odourless: DI water is colourless, tasteless, and odourless, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • High Resistivity: It has high electrical resistivity, making it non-conductive and suitable for use in electronics and laboratory equipment.
    • Chemical Blank Slate: DI water has no significant chemical constituents, making it ideal for diluting chemicals and creating controlled chemical environments.


  • Laboratory Use: DI water is a crucial component in laboratories for preparing reagents, conducting experiments, and cleaning glassware without introducing contaminants.
  • Electronics: It is used in the electronics industry for cleaning and rinsing components, preventing mineral deposits and potential damage.
  • Manufacturing: DI water is essential in various manufacturing processes, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and semiconductor fabrication, ensuring high product quality.
  • Steam Generation: In power plants, DI water is used to produce steam in boilers, reducing the risk of scale formation and corrosion.
  • Medical and Healthcare: It is employed in medical devices, such as autoclaves, and as a base for pharmaceutical formulations, ensuring purity and sterility.


  • Physical State: Liquid.
  • Appearance: colourless.
  • Odour: no odour.
  • pH: 7.0.
  • Vapour Pressure: Not available.
  • Vapour Density: 0.694.
  • Evaporation Rate:>1 (Butyl acetate=1)
  • Viscosity: Not available.



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