CHLOR 12 (Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach):


Product Description:

Liquid chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) product description NaOCl, 

Number CAS: 7681-52-9

Synonyms include bleach, hypochlorite solution, and liquid chlorine.


Common uses for sodium hypochlorite include disinfection, odour control, bleaching, and water treatment. Available in bulk volumes of 3x5L cases, 2x10L cases, 55L kegs, 205L drums, 1,000L totes, and bulk chlorine tanker truck deliveries, the industry standard strength is 12%. We frequently offer liquid chlorine to water treatment plants in cities and municipalities as well as swimming pool retailers and service providers. Many of our clients who need tanker deliveries of bulk chlorine already have an on-site storage tank.

Product Application:

  1. Also used as a disinfectant and germicide, especially in the sterilisation of water.
  2. It is also used for making wool unshrinkable and in the manufacture of chloroform.
  3. For the purpose of disinfection and bleaching a weak soln. (1.2%) is used. For purifying water 0.02 to 0.29
  4. sufficientPotable Water Treatment
  5. Aquatics and Pools
  6. Odour Control/Corrosion Control
  7. Food & Beverage Processing
  8. Wastewater Treatment
  9. Cooling Towers, Inland Power Stations & Industry
  10. Irrigation Systems
  11. Agriculture/Farming

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: A liquid is usually used.
  2. Colour: Usually a vivid yellow-green colour.
  3. Odour: Strong chlorine.
  4. Density: Low to moderate density for handling.


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