16 Apr 2024

We at Innoveda Chemicals, understand the importance of safety when it comes to the products we supply. Silica gel, a common desiccant (drying agent) found in various everyday products, is one such product that often raises questions about its safety. As a leading silica gel supplier in Dubai, this article aims to clarify any confusion and provide a clear picture of silica gel’s safety profile and recommended handling practices.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is a porous, granular material composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2).  It’s a non-toxic and odorless substance with a high capacity for absorbing moisture from its surroundings.  This property makes it a valuable desiccant,  used in various applications to prevent moisture damage and maintain product quality.

How We Encounter Silica Gel in Everyday Life?

Silica gel packets are often included in:

  • Food packaging: Preserve the freshness and prevent clumping of food items like cookies, dried fruits, and spices.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Protecting medications from moisture-related degradation and ensuring potency.
  • Electronics: Absorbing moisture that could damage delicate electronic components.
  • Leather goods: Preventing mold growth and maintaining the quality of leather products like shoes and handbags.
  • Vitamins and supplements: Safeguarding these products from moisture-induced clumping and loss of effectiveness.

Safety of Silica Gel:

Here’s a breakdown of silica gel’s safety profile:

  • Non-toxic: When ingested in small amounts, silica gel is generally considered non-toxic for humans and pets.
  • Chemical inertness: It doesn’t react with most substances, making it a safe desiccant for various applications.
  • Skin and eye irritation (potential): Direct contact with silica gel dust or powder can cause mild skin or eye irritation in some individuals.

Important Safety Measures to Consider:

While generally safe, here are some safety measures to keep in mind when handling silica gel:

  • Keep away from children and pets: The packets containing silica gel can be choking hazards for young children and pets. It’s important to store them out of reach and dispose of used packets properly.
  • Avoid inhalation: Long-term silica gel dust inhalation can cause lung irritation. Minimize dust exposure by wearing a mask if handling large quantities of silica gel powder.
  • Eye protection: Wear safety glasses when handling silica gel powder to prevent eye irritation.
  • Skin protection: Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin or will be handling silica gel for extended periods.
  • Read product labels: Always follow the instructions and warnings on the silica gel packaging.

What Happens if You Accidentally Consumed Silica Gel?

As mentioned earlier, consuming a small amount of silica gel is generally not harmful.  It may pass through the digestive system without causing any problems.

However,  large amounts of silica gel ingestion can potentially lead to:

  • Stomach upset: Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and mild abdominal cramps may occur.
  • Constipation: Silica gel can absorb fluids in the digestive tract, leading to constipation.
  • Blockage (rare cases): Inhaling or ingesting large amounts of silica gel powder can, in rare instances, cause blockages in the digestive system.

If you suspect someone has consumed a large amount of silica gel, seek medical attention immediately.

What Happens to Used Silica Gel?

Silica gel can often be regenerated and reused.  Some silica gel packets come with instructions for oven drying to reactivate their moisture-absorbing capacity.

However,  depending on the application and the type of silica gel, it may be best to dispose of used packets responsibly.  Check with your local waste disposal guidelines for proper disposal methods.


Lastly, silica gel is a secure and effective dehydrator that is put into many everyday products. You can handle silica gel safely if you adhere to the advised precautions. Please don’t hesitate to speak with a medical professional or get in touch with us, our silica gel supplier in Dubai, if you have any additional queries or worries. 

At Innoveda Chemicals, we’re dedicated to giving our clients high-quality, secure products. We make sure our silica gel complies with all applicable safety regulations and offers straightforward marking along with handling guidelines.

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