28 Dec 2022

As a chemical specialist, you must be aware of potential threats to your safety and that of your colleagues. Safety is a top priority but safety can be overlooked in the daily demands of the business. Safety can be your competitive advantage.

Training and investment in equipment can make you the preferred service provider for chemical clients. These are just a few ways you can improve safety in your facility and add value to the operation.

1. Invest In Training Improvements

Anyone who has to interact with chemicals must be trained according to Innoveda. Although transport and logistics workers do participate in chemical safety training, there are always opportunities for improvement.

It’s a smart idea to involve your teams in the design and implementation of training. This involves more than simply asking your teams about their preferred format or printing chemical safety data sheets. This requires that you dig deeper to understand the workers’ perceptions of risk and to help them deal with the realities of chemical work.

Every time you conduct chemical safety training, it is important to aim to improve. Employees should be able to understand how to safely do the work that they do every day if you do. You’ll see fewer incidents, better compliance, higher productivity, and a stronger case for prospective clients if they do.

2. Investment in Proper Equipment

Chemicals are not like other freight. Each chemical has its packaging, handling, and storage requirements. You need the right equipment to meet these requirements and reduce the risk of chemicals.

There are three types of equipment:

  1. Personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Chemical storage containers– Spill pallets & Bunds Bunded Stores.
  3. Spill Response Equipment – Spill Kits and Absorbents

All three are required by law for transport and logistics companies to provide when handling hazardous chemicals. But, it is possible to go beyond basic compliance and gain a competitive edge. Safe chemical storage can help protect clients’ products from spillage, spoilage, and mixing. Clients with very specific storage requirements can win custom storage solutions that allow them to have confidence in their ability to store their products safely.

3. External Audits to Find Gaps

Each company has a gap in its chemical safety program. Nobody operates perfectly. Even if you have a strong innoveda compliance system, things can change on the ground. It doesn’t matter if there’s a new regulation or the introduction of new chemical hazards. It’s crucial to build strong relationships with vendors and external parties. They can look at your chemical management program with fresh eyes, as well as the benefit of having worked with other companies.

These gaps can be closed to make your operation more efficient. You can also share your results with potential clients or partners to help expand your business.


In conclusion, chemical transport and logistics companies that prioritize security as a competitive advantage are able to set themselves apart in a crowded and competitive industry. By ensuring the safe and secure transport of chemicals, these companies are able to build trust and confidence with their customers and establish a reputation for reliability. Innoveda Chemical Suppliers is a standout in this regard, consistently demonstrating a commitment to security through their strict adherence to industry regulations and their use of advanced technologies. By choosing Innoveda Chemical Suppliers as their transportation and logistics partner, companies can have confidence that their chemicals will be handled with the utmost care and attention to security. In an industry where safety and security are of the utmost importance, Innoveda Chemical Suppliers is a trusted and reliable partner.

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