Food and Dairy Industry chemicals

Innoveda international general trading (IIGT) is specialised in supplying chemicals and biochemicals that are essential in the day-to-day food and dairy industry activities.

Our professional team in Innoveda chemicals supplies a wide range of chemicals including bio chemicals as the raw material or value-added ingredients, flavour, edible food colourings from plant extract, cleaning chemicals and so on required in daily operations. Especially when it comes to the dairy industry, big layers need chemicals that prevent the outbreak of some common bacteria like Salmonella, Escherichia coli and so on.

Some of the most common and high-demand food and dairy industry chemicals we supply include Acrylamide, Benzene, Chloropropanols, Ethanol, Ethyl carbamate, Furan, Heterocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Nitrosamines and so on.
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Since it is a food and dairy processing industry, safety would be our top priority. Innoveda chemicals retain its dominant position in the food and industry chemicals because all the chemicals are supplied and delivered safely and on time abiding by all the safety protocols by both regional and international standards.

Added to that, we never delivered over the set time, each and every delivery will be delivered on time, no matter what hinders this process.