22 Jun 2023

In this blog, we delve into the crucial role and innovative features of resins, uncovering how our solutions empower businesses and drive advancements in the industry. At Innoveda Chemicals, our mission is to push the boundaries of the paint and ink industry through our cutting-edge resin technologies.

Understanding Resins, Paint and Ink Formulations:

  • We can provide a thorough grasp of resins as the essential elements of paint and ink formulations thanks to our expertise in resin technology.
  • We supply formulators with a broad selection of premium resins that act as adaptable building blocks and produce paints and inks with outstanding adherence, performance, and durability.
  • We help customers choose the best resins for their unique application requirements using our in-depth understanding of resin chemistry and formulation procedures, providing the best outcomes and customer satisfaction.

 The Key Benefits of Resin-Based Coatings:

  • Our Innoveda Chemicals resin-based coatings provide unmatched durability and performance, offering long-lasting protection for a variety of surfaces.
  • We specialize in creating high-tech resin coatings that protect painted or coated surfaces from weathering, abrasion, and chemical exposure.
  • Our cutting-edge resin technologies improve adhesion, flexibility, and resistance, resulting in coatings that tolerate challenging weather conditions and keep performing over time.
  • Customers can benefit from higher durability, superior aesthetics, and increased resilience to wear and tear with our resin-based coatings, eventually prolonging the lifespan of their painted or coated surfaces.

Exploring Different Types of Resins: 

  • We at Innoveda Chemicals have created a wide variety of resins, including acrylics, polyurethanes, and more, to meet the needs of numerous applications in the paint and ink business.
  • We created our own polyurethane resins, which are ideal for demanding applications like industrial inks and automotive coatings because of their remarkable toughness, chemical resistance, and gloss retention.
  • With the help of our wide range of resins, clients may research their alternatives and choose the one that best suits their unique needs. This ensures that their paint and ink formulas will operate at their best and produce the intended effects.

Innovative Features of Resins: 

  • Our innovative resins, developed by us at Innoveda Chemicals, incorporate advanced features such as enhanced UV resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection against UV degradation and color fading in coatings and inks.
  • We take pride in formulating resins that offer superior chemical resistance, safeguarding coatings and inks from harsh chemicals, solvents, and environmental contaminants, thus prolonging their lifespan and performance.
  • Our research and development efforts focus on pushing the boundaries of resin technology, continually improving UV resistance and chemical resistance properties to meet the evolving needs of the paint and ink industry.

Resins for Sustainable Solutions: 

  • At Innoveda Chemicals, our dedication to sustainability motivates us to create resins that provide eco-friendly substitutes for the paint and ink industry, minimizing environmental effects without sacrificing performance.
  • Our resin formulations highlight the use of renewable and biodegradable raw ingredients, guaranteeing that our customers have access to environmentally friendly options that support their objectives.
  • Customers can choose our resins to satisfy their sustainability goals while still receiving high-quality coatings and inks since they function well and adhere to the strict environmental criteria of the modern business world.

Tailoring Resin Selection to Specific Applications:

  • We are aware that various applications call for various resin qualities. We concentrate on providing specialized resin solutions that are adapted to the distinct needs of our customers in order to guarantee the best possible performance and compatibility.
  • In close collaboration with our clients, we assess their application requirements and make tailored solutions while taking into account the type of substrate required performance characteristics, and processing circumstances.
  • Our ability to create specialized solutions that address the unique application issues of our customers allows them to obtain the required outcomes and improve the performance of their products. This is made possible by our expertise in resin formulation and in-depth understanding of numerous sectors.

Resins and Color Stability: 

  • At Innoveda Chemicals, we recognize the importance of color stability in paint and ink applications. Our resins are designed to maintain vibrant and long-lasting pigments, ensuring the visual appeal of the final product remains consistent over time.
  • We utilize advanced resin technologies that offer excellent color retention properties, minimizing fading, discoloration, and color shifts due to environmental factors such as UV exposure and chemical interactions.
  • Our expertise in resin formulation and rigorous quality control processes enable us to deliver resins that enhance color stability, providing our customers with reliable solutions for achieving consistent and attractive color outcomes in their paint and ink formulations.

Resin Innovations for High-Performance Inks: 

  • We are committed to creating novel resins that support high-performance inks. Our resins produce prints with high sharpness and print quality, enabling our customers to create vivid, accurate images for a variety of printing applications.
  • We use our knowledge of resin technology to develop formulas that increase ink flow, adhesion, and drying properties, enhancing print resolution, line definition, and color intensity as a result.
  • We offer the ink industry dependable and cutting-edge resin solutions that raise ink performance, allowing our customers to produce great print outputs and satisfy the demands of their demanding customers.


Finally, the Innoveda Chemicals team takes great pride in its role as a leading chemical supplier, providing innovative solutions to various industries. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in unlocking the full potential of our chemical products by offering cutting-edge features and customized solutions. Through our commitment to excellence, we aim to enhance performance and drive progress in the sectors we serve.


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