Tile Cleaner

The anti microbial active coating is a preservative surface protector that can be used to create long term protection by creating a durable safe to touch layer that actively eliminates bacteria and virus on high contact surfaces like doors, knobs, chairs, tables, and other surfaces where the spread of germs is a concern in today’s context of COVID-19. Just pre-clean the surface and then apply the anti-microbial surface protector coating to get protection from all bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other microbes.

It has been lab tested and proven to remain effective after over 1000 touches and multiple cleaning cycles. The anti-microbial active coating is proven effective against other claimed microbes with a worldwide accepted tests executed by a Certified lab.

Supplied in 5 Ltr packaging.




  • 1 litre of anti microbial active surface coating covers at least 60 m2 (square meters) of surface
  • Tested and proven to kill microbes and viruses instantly on contact with the dried coating
  • Durable long lasting.
  • Good resistance to friction, abrasion, and water.
  • Hardens at temperature from 10°C and dries in 2-6 hours after application.
  • No use of nano particles, silver salts or heavy metals.
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life and odorless


  • Active ingredient in the active coating (Quaternary ammonium) has already been proven effective against most viruses, bacteria, fungi across multiple studies and is used in medical procedures
  • No need for daily or multiple application: saves on disinfecting time & cost.
  • Patented binding platform technology
  • UV verifiable to prove on going activity – UV reactive particles are bounded to the coating, making it visible under UV light and thus surfaces can be checked easily with a UV torch (Product No. 763040).
  • Ready to use and easy to apply
  • Can be used on air filters and air conditioning ducts.


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