SULFITE TEST KIT (New Drop Method)


This kit employs the drop count method to analyze sulfite levels. It offers a range and sensitivity of 1 drop corresponding to either 2, 5, or 10 ppm of SO32-.


  • Test Factor: Sulfite Test Kit
  • Test System: Dropper Bottle
  • Range/Sensitivity: 1 drop = 2, 5, or 10 ppm SO32-
  • # of Tests: 100+
  • # of Reagents: 3


Purpose of the Method:

  • To accurately determine sulfite concentrations.
  • To prevent corrosion and oxygen scavenging in water systems.
  • To maintain food and beverage quality through sulfite preservation.
  • To assess environmental pollution levels in natural water bodies.
  • To support research and experimentation requiring precise sulfite measurements.


Role in Industry:

In industry, the Sulfite Test Kit ensures proper sulfite levels in processes involving water treatment, food production, and chemical manufacturing. It prevents equipment corrosion, maintains product quality, and supports compliance with safety and environmental regulations.



Water Treatment: Monitoring sulfite in boiler feedwater and cooling systems.

Food Industry: Ensuring proper sulfite levels in food and beverage production.

Environmental Analysis: Assessing sulfite concentrations in natural waters.

Chemical Manufacturing: Controlling sulfite levels in various industrial processes.

Laboratory Research: Supporting analytical chemistry experiments and studies.

Wastewater Treatment: Managing sulfite concentrations in wastewater processes.


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