Soot Remover Liquid

Soot Remover Liquid – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


If fire-scale is allowed to form on heat exchangers, the loss of efficiency can be directly related to extra fuel consumption. A 1 mm deposit is approximately equivalent to a 10% efficiency loss, a 3 mm deposit can reduce efficiency by up to 50%. The normal oxidation temperature of soot is around 600°C. Soot Remover Liquid Plus contain an organic catalyst with a high efficiency at lower temperatures. The oxidation temperature of Soot Remover Liquid Plus on the soot/fire-scale is as low as 170°C. The carbon deposits are thus oxidised, leaving an easily removable ash. The use of Unitor FuelPower Soot Remover Liquid Plus not only provides greater fuel efficiency, but also prevents acid formation in areas where severe corrosion could result in expensive damage in heat exchangers, superheaters, economisers, exhaust paths/stacks.


  • For the prevention of soot and fire-scale deposits in diesel engine and boiler exhaust systems
  • For reduction of cold-end corrosion where surface temperatures are lower than the dew point of the exhaust gases
  • Improves soot blowing operations


  • Increase the intervals between cleaning with up to 12 months minimizing down time and improving overall efficiency.
  • Reduces the discharge of cleaning water to the sea
  • Reduced cold-end corrosion in the exhaust gas boiler and reduces your need for maintenance
  • Helps to keep exhaust gas system clean while slow steaming and will also reduce cold end corrosion


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