Product Description:

If heat exchangers are permitted to accumulate fire scale, the efficiency loss may be directly linked to increased fuel usage. A 1 mm deposit can cause an efficiency loss of 10% to 30%, and a 3 mm deposit can cause an efficiency loss of up to 50%. Soot typically oxidises at a temperature of about 600°C. An organic catalyst with a high efficiency at low temperatures is present in Soot Remover Liquid Plus. On the soot/fire scale, Soot Remover Liquid Plus has an oxidation temperature as low as 170°C. As a result, the carbon deposits are oxidised, producing an ash that is simple to remove. By using FuelPower Soot Remover Liquid Plus, you can prevent acid development in places where severe corrosion could cause significant damage in addition to improving fuel efficiency.





  1. To avoid soot and fire-scale buildup in the exhaust systems of diesel engines and boilers
  2. In order to reduce cold-end corrosion where surface temperatures are lower than the exhaust gas’s dew point
  3. enhances soot blowing processes


  1. By extending the time between cleanings by up to 12 months, downtime is reduced and overall productivity is increased.
  2. Minimises the ocean’s exposure to the cleaning water outflow
  3. Decreased cold-end corrosion in the exhaust gas boiler and decreased maintenance requirements
  4. Reduces cold end corrosion when slow steaming and assists in keeping the exhaust gas system clean.

Physical Properties:

  1. Form: A liquid concentration is typical.
  2. Colour :Usually dark or black .
  3. Odour: Almost undetectable.
  4. Density: Moderate density for simple handling.


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