Paint Remover

Paint Remover – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Available Packing Sizes: 

RXSOL-18-1013-20 is a excellent product for removal of paint from tough painted surfaces. Useful in the maintenance of all types of Industrial plant and in the marine industry.

PACKAGING : 25 Ltrs. COMMON NAME : Paint Remover

Product Application: 

To remover paint, varnish, lacquer, baked enamel, shellac, and epoxy from all metallic surfaces. Particularly useful in the shipping industry, workshop and garages.

Product Dose: 

Must be applied in its concentrated state. Quantity to be applied varies according to the degree of deposition on the surface

Product Note: 

RXSOL-18-1013-20 is particularly used in aircraft industry because of its non-reactivity with aluminium, copper, brass their alloys.


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