METAL CLEANER & BRIGHTENER (Remove Rust, Scale, Grease & Oil)

This powerful solution is designed for industrial use, effectively removing rust, scale, grease, and oil from metal surfaces while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility.



Quality Control:

  • Stringent reagent quality checks.
  • Regular equipment calibration.
  • Comprehensive result documentation.
  • Employee training on safety and handling.
  • Adherence to standardized procedures.


Test Method:

  • Utilizes non-corrosive, eco-friendly acids.
  • Complies with industry-specific testing standards.
  • Requires precise sample preparation.
  • Employs analytical techniques for rust and scale removal.


Testing Parameters:

  • Measures rust, scale, grease, and oil removal.
  • Assesses cleaning efficiency.
  • Determines surface compatibility.
  • Monitors residue removal.
  • Evaluate overall cleaning performance.


Safety Precautions:

  • PPE use and adequate ventilation.
  • proper methods for disposing of garbage.
  • organising an emergency response.
  • regular upkeep of the equipment.
  • measures to prevent fires.
  • training in workplace safety.
  • the observance of safety regulations.



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