Drainage Cleaner Alkaline

Drainage Cleaner Alkaline – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Inoxx RO Alkaline Cleaner is also effective in removing iron oxides and hydroxides as well as calcium carbonate, though RO Mild Acid Cleaner is preferred for these foulants. Inoxx RO Alkaline Cleaner is highly effective when used in combination with high pH detergent cleaners such as Inoxx RO Surfactant Cleaner to help remove organic substances and microbial slimes.

During normal operation, RO membranes can become fouled, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the system. Deposits build up on the membrane until they cause a reduction in permeate flow and loss in salt rejection. The effects of fouling can lead to poor water quality, loss in production, unscheduled downtime and membrane replacement. A regular maintenance and cleaning program can provide return on investment (ROI) results ranging from 100 to 250 % by maintaining low pump output pressures and extending the membrane’s life.

Elements should be cleaned whenever the normalized permeate flow rate or salt rejection decreases by 10-15 % or the differential pressure increases by 10-15 % from the original baseline data.


  • Mild alkaline formulation
  • Compatible with wide range of RO membranes
  • Liquid formulation for ease of application


  • Helps to maintain RO performance
  • Extends lifespan of membranes
  • Aids in the production of high quality feedwater and portable water on board vessels


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