Diesel Gurd NB Liquid

Diesel Gurd NB Liquid – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Inoxx DieselPower Lubricity has been found to be particularly effective in ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels and gas oils that are blended to meet governmental regulations on fuel sulphur content.

Inoxx DieselPower Lubricity also provides excellent performance as a lubricity improver component in diesel detergent packages and does not affect the water emulsification tendency of a fuel as measured by ASTMD-1094.


  • Improves the lubricity of low sulphur diesel fuels
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product or component in diesel packages
  • Effective at 50-150 ppm range in meeting the HFRR requirement for lubricity specifications
  • Does not interact with the fuel


  • Protects your fuel pump from wear to avoid unscheduled and expensive maintenance
  • Quality is ensured so you can rest easy with good lubrication protection
  • You can safely use the product in all types of fuels


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