Diesel Gurad NB Powder

Diesel Gurad NB Powder – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


It’s essential to have adequate storage for marine fuel. But microorganisms can corrode fuel storage tanks and systems, leading to clogged filters and nozzles, and degraded fuel. Inoxx Diesel Power Biocontrol is a specially designed liquid that protects fuel against microorganisms. More advice on how to detect and manage microbial contamination can be found in ASTM D6469-14 Standard guide for Microbial contamination in fuels and fuel systems.


  • Kills microorganisms in fuel oil
  • Keeps filters and nozzles free from clogging
  • Prevents corrosion in fuel systems and doesn’t form any corrosive combustion products
  • Safe for use on all materials, including metal and synthetic rubber


  • You can be sure that Inoxx DieselPower Biocontrol will remove all microorganisms
  • There have been no reported cases of microbes becoming immune to this product
  • With filters and nozzles clean and free from bacteria remnants, you can run a trouble-free operation


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