Descalex Liquid

Descalex Liquid – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Descaling of Boilers, Descaling of Diesel Engine Cooling Water Systems, Condensers, Evaporators, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers:

Inoxx has developed a 210 litres capacity cleaning unit designed among other for use with chemical acid solutions for cleaning boilers, calorifiers, heat exchangers and other types of equipment where rust and scale form.

Inoxx Chemical Cleaning Unit: Product no. 737189


  • Dry acid concentrated cleaner contains inhibitors to protect metals
  • Contains colour indicator to show the strength of the solution and anti-foam agent
  • Safe and easy handling and storage
  • Removes scale from boilers and diesel engine cooling water systems
  • Removes scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers etc.


  • Efficient, economical, and safe to use
  • Fast and effective scale remover


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