Degreaser Water Base

Degreaser Water Base – Packing 25 Ltrs and 210 Ltrs


Product Application: 

This product is recommended as a wall and floor cleaner in industrial facilities. May be used in pressure washer applications or hand steaming. Powerful cleaner/degreaser with controlled foam. Variable dilutions for the wide variety of applications. Economical choice. Effective cleaner.

This is an aqueous surfactant solution, alkaline base, food-grade phosphate product. Effective for degreasing and removal of oil residue, animal fat and vegetable bases on different surfaces: industrial equipment, including food, assemblies, transport, tanks, walls, floors and other surfaces, manual and machine washing of textiles and clothing. It has an average foaming capability when applied by hand or with the help of floor cleaning machines, pressure washers, equipment for foam cleaning.

  • Food service establishments
  • Hotels and motels
  • Educational facilities
  • Any general cleaning task
  • Heavy Industries and in PLANT area

This product is recommended as a wall and floor cleaner in industrial facilities,  food service establishments hotels and motels educational facilities any general cleaning task.

It is also used in mechanical engineering, petroleum, and food industries, railway transport, office and warehousing, utilities and other industries.


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