The Combined Fuel Oil Kit is a comprehensive solution for analyzing and evaluating the quality of fuel oils. It combines multiple testing methods into a single kit, offering a versatile tool for various applications.




The following Test Kits are available:

  • Standart BN – for system oil only
  • CDO BN        – for cylinder drain oil only
  • BoB BN         – for system oil, cylinder drain oil and blending


Role in Industry:

  • In industry, the Combined Fuel Oil Kit plays a pivotal role in:
  • Ensuring compliance with fuel quality standards.
  • Preventing equipment damage and downtime.
  • Supporting efficient combustion processes.
  • Facilitating on-site fuel analysis for quality control.


Purpose of the Method:

  • To assess fuel quality and suitability for specific applications.
  • To detect impurities, contaminants, and degradation in fuel.
  • To optimize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • To prevent equipment wear and extend operational life.
  • To minimize operational disruptions due to fuel-related issues.



  • Ensures consistent fuel quality for turbines and generators used in power generation.
  • Supports ship engines and adherence to maritime laws and regulations.
  • Aviation: Assures that aviation fuel satisfies stringent performance and safety standards.
  • Supports the production of steam and the heating of buildings through industrial processes.
  • Monitoring of the environment: Analyses the effects of fuel quality on emissions and air quality.
  • Transportation: Assures that car engines run well and adhere to emission regulations.



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