CARGOCLEAN ALKA HD PHOT (Bulk Carrier Cargo Hold Cleaner)

Product Description:

CargoClean HDTM is a special blend of potent alkaline chemicals and carefully chosen additions that provides consistently excellent cleaning results. This micro emulsion cleaner is specifically made for the dirtiest and roughest cargoes, like petcoke and greasy coal. Additionally, it will thoroughly clean off the majority of available dry cargo.The dense foam produced by using the right cleaning tools, like the Cargo Hold Cleaning kits, will contribute to improved cleaning effectiveness and decreased consumption.




  1. A new formula that is extremely efficient and cost-effective to employ.
  2. A modern, powerful alkaline cleaner
  3. Lessens the influence of outside elements like temperature and water quality
  4. Ideal for cleaning up after nasty cargoes like coal, petcoke, and other challenging loads
  5. On epoxy coatings, secure
  6. Equipment designed for and compatible with Cargo Hold Cleaning
  7. Does not contain estrogenic substances such as nonyl phenol ethoxylates.


  1. Reduces the need for cleaning materials and labor
  2. Reliable cleaning outcomes
  3. Respects MARPOL Annex V
  4. Complies with the EU Detergent Regulation and other environmental regulations
  5. Less waste from plastic

Physical Properties:

  1. Appearance Colourless to pale yellow
  2. Density [g/ml] 1,030 – 1,055
  3. Form Liquid

pH >13


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