Scale buildup and corrosion are common problems in heating systems and boilers, leading to reduced efficiency and safety concerns. 



What advantages does it offer:

  • Conduct tests with ease and simplicity.
  • Cost-effective testing solution.
  • Safe for shipping, with no hazardous materials involved.


General details:

  • Ambient or environmental water quality refers to a surface water body’s capacity to sustain aquatic life within its ecosystem. This includes aspects like environmental monitoring, freshwater quality parameters, and bioindicators.
  • Wastewater pertains to the attributes of contaminated water, be it from domestic sewage or industrial discharge, either before or after undergoing treatment. This encompasses environmental chemistry and wastewater quality indicators.
  • “Raw water” quality denotes the characteristics of a water source before any treatment for domestic consumption, such as drinking water. This involves bacteriological water analysis, as well as specific assessments like turbidity and water hardness.
  • Finished” water quality signifies water that has undergone treatment at a municipal purification plant. This assessment involves bacteriological water analysis and falls under the category of water quality indicators.
  • The suitability of water for industrial purposes, including laboratory use, manufacturing processes, or equipment cooling, can be determined through evaluations like purified water assessments.


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