10 Nov 2022

It’s essential to choose a good chemical supplier for your business in Dubai or any part of the UAE. No one wants to choose any chemical supplier in Dubai.

In this article, I am gonna take you through the qualities of a good chemical supplier in Dubai you should look at before choosing them. This can act as the filter to strike off some chemical supplier in Dubai, who doesn’t meet your requirements and expectations. This article is gonna help both the customer and chemical suppliers so that the customers can find a good chemical supplier in Dubai and the chemical suppliers in Dubai on the other hand can make it a checklist to deploy these points to get more leads for their chemical supply business.

qualities of good chemical supplier in dubai
Top 6 Qualities of good chemical supplier in dubai

 Let’s jump into the main content of this article. And the first quality to look at in a good chemical supplier in Dubai is:

Reviews, as a Good Chemical Supplier in Dubai 

Anyone doesn’t just look at some website and order chemicals for their needs. They’ll look into factors that build trust in the brand. One such factor is the reviews or testimonials about a brand or its products. A company with a good reputation attracts more clients and investors. So the chemical supplier with a good reputation would be the best chemical supplier in Dubai. 

Look for the reviews of the chemical suppliers in Dubai, and look at the reviews and testimonials carefully. If a chemical supplier in Dubai has more positive reviews and very few negative reviews (if those reviews are also answered by the supplier company) then it passed this review stage. If a chemical supplier company has more negative reviews and the owner is not responding to any of the negative reviews and not sorting out the issues, then you should not consider this chemical supplier for future points.

Strike them off now itself, because no one will enter a negative review on a website just for the sake (unless they are a competitor or one would have failed to keep their promise as a good chemical supplier in Dubai). 

Use this guide to choose a good chemical supplier in Dubai. 

A chemical supplier with good reviews and nearly zero bad reviews should be the priority, then comes the chemical supplier with a considerable amount of bad reviews, but the response to those bad reviews, (because they are accountable for their mistakes) then comes to the zero reviews and then they are loaded with bad reviews. 

reviews stage of the good chemical supplier in dubai
Reviews of the good chemical Supplier in Dubai

Expertise in the Chemical Supply Industry

Older the company, the more trustworthy. 

Because no fake company will last for a longer time. A company that started in the last decade has a whole lot more experience dealing with numerous customers, facing various challenges and has captured numerous opportunities to survive through the rough times, than a chemical supplier which has been started just recently. 

A good chemical supplier in Dubai with decades of expertise can advise you and guide the customers through what chemicals they need and their chemical requirements. In most cases, a chemical supplier with decades of experience and knowledge would be already certified according to government norms and guidelines. And the technicians and the professionals working for that chemical supplier company are also experienced professionals who are trained for years to deliver high-quality services to retain and attract new clients from the chemical supply industry in Dubai.

Anyone can find the year in which the company started on their about page on the website or there are some tools to find out the year the chemical supply company launched.

A Good Chemical Supplier has a Wide Chemicals Portfolio 

As the heading suggests, good chemical supplier has a wide chemical portfolio, so they would never say “we don’t supply those” to their customers. Only chemical supplier in Dubai that has partnered with multiple chemical manufacturers around the globe can source all kinds of chemicals that are required by their clientele. On the other hand, a chemical supplier should also be open to sourcing unique chemicals that are hard or rare to find in the local and regional chemical markets. 

A good chemical supplier in Dubai would have listed all the major chemicals that their clients request on their website or any good chemical supplier will have the chemical portfolio ready to showcase to the customer and clients. And you can download those brochures and look for the chemical you need for your requirements. Anyone can always contact a good chemical supplier in Dubai and ask for chemical availability. If they don’t have the chemical in stock right now, a good chemical supplier in Dubai will check for alternate sources and will get you the chemical you requested for. 

Along with the wide range of chemical Portfolios or chemical solutions spectrum, a good chemical supplier will abide by all the government guidelines and standards. Not all chemicals are allowed to be supplied and delivered in all countries, there are some restrictions and guidelines to be followed. Chemical suppliers who are failing to follow these will be held for consequences, which makes our chemical delivery to be delayed or undelivered. Nobody wants this, everyone wants to do business with a good chemical supplier in Dubai who abides by all the laws and guidelines of the region and international standards. 

Good Accountability and Customer Service 

As I have already mentioned in the previous sections, everyone will commit mistakes sometime. If it’s a good chemical supplier company, it will take accountability and look for solutions. But on the other hand, some companies will blame others for their mistakes, which causes a lot of unwanted disputes and misunderstandings which affects both the business and the relationship between the vendor and the chemical supplier. 

A good option is to look for a chemical supplier who provides both the pre-sales and post-sales services and the one who should be accountable for any quality issues found and finding quick and effective solutions to address the issue. A good chemical supplier in Dubai would be ready to address any kind of issues with effective Solutions with its exceptional customer service. The quicker they respond, the faster will be the deal closing and the more will be the trust factor.

A good chemical supplier in Dubai should not only be accountable for its mistakes or quality issues, but it should also be quick and effective in its customer service and in satisfying the customers. Great customer service ranges from basic enquiry and requesting quotes to solutions for complex issues with clients. Only the experienced chemical supplier can deliver this much quality customer service from its decades of experience in the chemical industry handling various clients on various issues. So accountability and customer service are the two main factors which make a good chemical supplier in Dubai.

Reasonable Pricing for Chemical Supply:

I would suggest don’t judge a chemical Supplier in Dubai by its pricing, because not all the High priced chemicals are providing good quality, and not all the cheap players are providing low-quality products and services. Pricing of the chemicals will not vary much, the main factor, which makes it costly or less costly is the location. So to find a good chemical supplier in Dubai who supplies the best quality industrial and cleaning chemicals for the best and most reasonable pricing, then you should find a good chemical supplier near your location. 

Along with this location factor, some other factors influence the pricing of the chemicals such as quantity, quality and more. For example, a bulk order may cost relatively less than a small or one-piece order. This is where, we at Innoveda international general trading (innoveda chemical) stand out as the best chemical supplier in Dubai, offering chemicals at reasonable pricing because we are near you and we have our warehouse located in Dubai. Now let’s dive into the last quality to look into the good chemical supplier in Dubai, before placing our order. 

Safest and On-time delivery of chemicals

One of the best qualities to look at the good chemical supplier in Dubai is how well they are organizing their supply chain and logistics across the region. This includes how safe the packing is, how dispatching is done and if the chemical is packed or repacked with the right material and the right method. If you can find this information on their website or any other brand collateral, it’s good to go with this chemical supplier in Dubai, if you couldn’t find this information online, it’s better to ask that chemical supplier directly. 

Moreover, there are certain guidelines and standards applicable to the chemical supply and chemical distribution industry which should be followed closely and a good chemical supplier in Dubai would have already abided by these laws and standards and would have already got certified. It’s tough to deliver chemicals fast yet safely, but there are some good chemical suppliers in Dubai like innoveda chemicals. We supply all types of chemicals on time, on budget and safely. 

Key takeaways

This article contains a list of the 6 best qualities of a good chemical supplier in Dubai. All these qualities should apply to the chemical supplier you have chosen to do business with. On that note, we at Innoveda international general trading abide by all these 6 Qualities. 

  • We are a highly reputed chemical supplier in Dubai, with a broad portfolio of happy clients across the UAE. 
  • We started our chemical supply business way back in 2004, throughout this journey, we have faced multiple challenges, opportunities and partnerships and so. Innoveda international general trading LLC has almost 2 decades of expertise in Dubai, UAE. 
  • Partnered with multiple chemical manufacturers and retailers across the world, we cover almost all the chemicals in our wide chemical portfolio. 
  • Our customer service is excellent, we understand all sorts of our client’s requirements and deliver them the best quality services. 
  • As the best chemical supplier in Dubai and the most reliable chemical trader, our pricing is always reasonable, since we have established our business in Dubai, we are near you and we can deliver fast and at reasonable pricing. 
  • We ensure the safe delivery of chemicals, safety is our topmost priority. We have trained our delivery professionals and packing technicians with international standards to abide by the safety guidelines. 

So if you are looking for chemicals in the Dubai or UAE region, feel free to give us a call to get a free quote for our chemical Portfolio. You can contact us at info@iigtchem.com and call us at +971 55 192 1234


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