18 Nov 2022

Dichloromethane, also known as methylene chloride or DCM, is an organochlorine compound that has the formula CH2Cl2. This solvent is widely used because it is a colorless, volatile liquid that has a sweet, chloroform-like odor. It is not soluble in water but it can be polarized and mixed with organic solvents. Dichloromethane, an organic substance, has a molecular formula of CH2Cl2. It is transparent and colorless with an odor similar to that of ether. It is slightly soluble and can be dissolved in water. It will vaporize in high-temperature water to form a weakly combustible mixture gas. This is commonly used instead of the flammable Petroleum ether or ether. 

Dichloromethane has a colorless, transparent, heavier weight than water, and is a volatile liquid. It has a sweet, ether-like scent and a sweet taste. After mixing it with high levels of oxygen, it does not ignite but can form an explosive mixture. Dichloromethane can be mixed with most organic solvents and is slightly soluble in water. It can also be mixed with ether, other chlorinated solvents, and ethanol in any ratio. Dichloromethane is fast dissolvable in aldehyde and ketone, glacial acid, triethyl phosphate, formamides, cyclohexylamine, and ethyl Acetoacetate. 

Other names: Methylene chloride, Solmethine, Narkotil; Solaesthin. 

Product properties 

A colorless liquid that has a distinctive odor. Relative density D4 1.328, Melting point-96.7degC and Boiling point 40.4degC. 

Product Applications Dichloromethane is strong in solubility and has no toxic effects. It is used extensively in the manufacture of safety film and orthocarbonate. 

Uses of the chemical supplier in UAE

1. Methylene chloride is used. Dichloromethane offers strong solubility with low toxicity. It is used extensively in the production of safety film and polycarbonate. The remainder is used as coating solvents, metal degreasing agents, gas smoke spray agents, polyurethane foaming agents, release agents,s and paint removers. 

2. Dichloromethane is a colorless liquid, which is used as a reaction medium in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare ampicillin, hydroxy benzylpenicillin, and vancomycin; It is also used as a solvent, oil dewaxing solvent, aerosol propellant, organic synthesis extractant, polyurethane foaming agent, and metal cleaning agent in film production.

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