19 Jan 2023

Welcome to our blog on degreaser suppliers in the United Arab Emirates. As a crucial component in industrial and commercial cleaning, degreasers are in high demand in the UAE. From factories and warehouses to hotels and restaurants, businesses of all types rely on degreasers to keep their facilities clean and safe. In this blog, we will explore the top degreaser suppliers in the UAE and discuss the different types of degreasers available, their uses, and how to choose the right one for your needs.


A degreaser is a type of cleaner used to remove oils, grease, corrosion inhibitors, and other contaminants from metal surfaces. It is usually named for the type of surface it is best suited to clean, like “precision cleaner” for cleaning parts in a factory, “maintenance cleaner” for cleaning parts in a car, or “carb cleaner” for cleaning the carburettor in a car.

Degreaser Supplier

Degreasing solvents are used to remove dirt and stains from surfaces. They are often packaged as aerosols so that they can be sprayed quickly and easily. This type of spray creates agitation and can get into small spaces.

Water-based cleaners are often used in a trigger sprayer or gallon or drum containers for immersion or batch system cleaning.

Some cleaners are more automated than others, which is good for more specific cleaning tasks, like aerospace or medical appliance maintenance.


Using a degreaser can help to improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of the item being cleaned, as well as help to prolong its lifespan by removing the harmful build-up of grease and oil. Additionally, degreasers can be used in industrial and commercial settings to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment.

Dust, dirt, grease, and oxidation can cause corrosion, slipping hazards, and other problems. To avoid these problems, you may need to clean up the area. This can involve using a degreaser to remove the dirt and grease.

Cleaner Degreasers can clean up oil, grease, oxides and other contaminants from metal and fibre optic cable splices, motors and transformers, PLCs, pneumatics and hydraulic assemblies, and electronic and electrical equipment.

Industrial-strength degreasers are used to clean things like clutches, armatures, generators, compressors, bearings, chains, cables, pulleys, and gear drives. They can also clean brakes, springs, and flywheels.

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There are several things to consider when choosing the best degreaser for a particular task, such as the type of surface being cleaned, the amount of dirt or grease involved, and the environment in which the cleaning will take place.


Degreasers often have flammable alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents in them.  The cheaper degreasers work well, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Non Flammable cleaners avoid these dangers but can be more expensive. Some cleaners also have very toxic solvents, like Perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, or n-propyl bromide. These cleaners have high flashpoints (meaning they have low vapour pressures), which means they are less likely to combust in normal ambient temperatures (such as below 140°F/60°C).

Dielectric strength

If you are going to work with power tools or need to turn the power on before the solvent has dissipated, use a degreaser with high dielectric strength. This will help protect the circuitry from being damaged. Dielectric strength is a measure of how strong the electric field is that the material can withstand. The lower the dielectric strength, the more likely it is that electricity will flow through the material and cause it to break down.

Plastic/rubber compatibility

When cleaning the plastic or other materials with a degreaser, be sure to use the right kind of cleaner. If the cleaner is not compatible with the plastic, it can cause it to crack, dissolve, or become too soft. If a rubber seal is affected, it may swell, shrink, or leak. Always test a new cleaner before using it on a wide scale.


N-Propyl Bromide, Trichloroethylene, and Perchloroethylene are three types of highly toxic chemicals that are often used in degreasers to make them more effective and non-flammable. Some workers have been exposed to high levels of these chemicals and have reported health problems including headaches, dizziness, and even loss of control of their bodies. Some studies have also shown a possible link between reproductive problems and cancer. As a result, many facilities have decided to use less toxic solvents in their cleaning procedures.

Environmental issues

Look for degreasers that are safe for the environment and the user, and that meet industry and government regulations. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that can lead to smog, and some have a high global warming potential (GWP). Regulations have been put in place to restrict the use of these chemicals, depending on their harmful effects.

When selecting a degreaser, you should consider the following factors:

Type of surface to be cleaned

Different degreasers are formulated for specific surfaces such as metal, plastic, or painted surfaces.

Type of grease or oil to be removed: 

Some degreasers are formulated to remove heavy grease and oil, while others are better suited for light or water-soluble soils.

Look for degreasers that are safe for the environment and the user, and that meet industry and government regulations.

Effectiveness and efficiency: 

Look for degreasers that have been proven to be effective in removing grease and oil, and that can do so in a timely and efficient manner.

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Our Service Areas in UAE

As an Degreaser Supplier in UAE, we serve customers across the following locations

 Degreaser Supplier in Dubai

 Degreaser Supplier in Umm Al Quwain

 Degreaser Supplier in Sharjah

 Degreaser Supplier in Ajman

 Degreaser Supplier in Ras Al Khaimah

 Degreaser Supplier in Abu Dhabi

We can supply and deliver to these locations/cities. Our goal is to provide high-quality ethanol solutions to meet the needs of customers in the region.

Conclusion- Innoveda, the best Degreaser Supplier

Degreasers are essential for effective cleaning and removing heavy grease and grime from various surfaces. They come in a variety of forms including liquids, sprays, and pastes, and can be used on everything from kitchen appliances to industrial machinery. 

However, it is important to carefully read the instructions and warnings on the product to ensure safe and proper use, as some degreasers may be harmful to certain surfaces or individuals with sensitive skin. Overall, degreasers are a powerful and useful cleaning solution for tackling tough grease and grime.

Innoveda Chemicals is the best degreaser supplier in Dubai, which supplies degreasers specially formulated to effectively remove grease, oil and grime from all surfaces, leaving them clean and safe. Our degreasers are also eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, making them safe for use in any industrial and commercial setting.

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