09 Nov 2022

There are three main types of synthetic chemicals used in dairy production: fertilizers and pesticides.


Synthetic fertilizers, also known as chemical processing, are synthetic nutrients. They are often sourced from petrochemicals. Although they may contain many micro- and macronutrients, their three major building blocks are nitrogen and phosphorus. The primary use of fertilizer in dairy is for the production and processing of soya and corn feed. Overuse of synthetic fertilizers has been a problem. It has contributed to climate changes, biodiversity loss, pollution of waterways, and soil degradation.


Synthetic pesticides, which are chemicals used for killing pests, are called synthetic pesticides. There are three main types of pesticides: herbicides for killing plants, insecticides for killing insects, and fungicides for killing fungi. Rodenticides for killing rodents are also available. Pesticides are often used in conventional dairy to control the transport, storage, and production of feed. Pesticides can cause widespread environmental catastrophes such as biodiversity loss, a decline in pollinators and soil health, water contamination, and even the collapse of pollinator populations. Pesticide residues from cattle feed are consumed by cows and then can be excreted into dairy.


A conventional dairy production is a common place for drug use. The treatment of dairy cattle is often with antiseptics and bactericides. Some of these drugs can cause serious health problems, such as the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Drug transfer into milk is possible, leading to drug residues in conventional milk at the grocery-store level.

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