09 Nov 2022

Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

  It has resistance to both low and high temperatures and provides colorful substrates with good primerless glue. From-40 to 180 degrees Celsius, it’s flexible and robust, and it can tolerate these severe temperatures while still retaining a strong bond. It’s designed to be effective in unprimed cling to several substrates, similar to aluminum, ceramic, glass, ABS, PBT, PET, and PC. It’s also supposed to have a flexible strong adherence to a range of substrates. It’s constantly used to cleave lighting, home appliances, and electronic corridor, among other effects.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Outstanding forbearance to both low and high temperatures. From-40 °C(- 40 °F) to 180 °C
  3. 356 °F), strong and elastic.
  4. One-element glue with dealcoholized curing; after complete curing, odorless
  5. Low situations of organic unpredictable chemicals.
  6. Flexible and robust adherence.
  7. Unique primerless glue for a variety of operations( for glass, aluminum, pottery, ABS, PBT, PET, PVC, and PC).

Use Instructions for Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

1. Silicone tenacious sealant should be applied between 4 and 40 degrees Celsius and between 40

and 80 relative moisture.

2. All shells need to be dry and pristine. Disinfect and wash away any contaminations that can hamper


  1. Unprimed adhesion to accouterments that are constantly used, similar to induction cookers, home appliances, and kitchen ventilators, similar to glass, aluminum, and engineering plastics.
  2. Designed for uses with a strong but flexible connection, similar to clinging to accouterments
  3. Adhesion and sealing to lights, including panel lights, auto lights, energy-saving lighting, etc.
  4. with varying rates of thermal expansion, similar to glass to essence or glass to plastic.
  5. multitudinous operations for tenacious and sealant in colorful sectors.

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