02 Dec 2022

Ammonium bifluoride can be described as an inorganic compound that has its formula of NH4HF2 (or NH4F*HF). It is made from hydrogen fluoride and ammonia. This colorless salt serves as a glass-etchant as well as an intermediate in a previously-considered pathway to hydrofluoric acid. Other names

 Ammonium acid fluoride

 Ammonium hydro fluoride

 Ammonium difluoride 

Ammonium hydrogen difluoride CAS No. 1341-49-7 Formula: Nh4hf2 Certificate: ISO Purity: 90%~99 Grade Standard Industrial Grade It’s utilized as an etching medium for engraved glass. It also acts as an antiseptic agent and disinfectant. It’s the solvent for producing metal beryllium made of beryllium oxide. It is a reagent used for analytic processing and as a surface-treatment agent for silicon steel plates. 

It is also utilized as an oxidant making aluminum-magnesium alloy and ceramic as well as a cleaning agent in the steam generation in the boiler’s water supply system an organic chemical synthesis fluoridating agent, and the ingredient used in the extraction of this rare substance from the electroplating solution. 

Applications of the chemical suppliers in UAE

Polishing, etching, and frosting of glass. Fungicide. Pickling by the foundry. Additive for oil drilling. polishing surfaces of the aluminum. It is mostly used for glass agents for etching (together along with fluohydric acid) to make etched glass. 

It can also be used as a chemical agent and disinfection agent and an antiseptic in the industry of fermentation as a solvent for beryllium production using beryllia, and as the surface treatment agent of silicon steel plates. 

Other uses include magnesium alloy, ceramic as a detergent for the steam-generating system, acidizing the sandstone inside an oil well, and catalyzer of alkylation isomerization

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