17 Nov 2022

Now has many outstanding herb products, each of which claims that herbal products are best among other herbal products, face the truth so surely we should not be confused, consider the following tips on choosing herbal products are :

1. Empirically and scientifically proven safe for consumption

This means that herbal products are not toxic if consumed and do not cause side effects in the short term or long term. It is necessary for any herbal products, an herbal product such a course has gone through a series of toxicity tests and test the feasibility of food as evidenced by a certificate of test results from an independent institution that has been accredited, they must be clear that these herbal products:

– Free from contaminants gamma isotopes.

means that these herbal products did not experience either genetically modified raw materials, processes, or finished products.

– Free from heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Pb, arsenic).

– Free from pesticide residues.

– Freedom from various microbes and microorganisms (yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa).

2. Benefits and efficacy of herbal products have been tested through a series of stages of scientific proof. The clinical benefits and efficacy have been recognized and accepted by scientists, academics and medical professionals, and practitioners of traditional healing.

3. Herbal products are manufactured based on the prototype of a series of results of scientific research, not just homemade and home, this is evidenced by the results of certification as stated at the first point above.

4. Having a uniform product quality in every product.

This means that herbal products’ composition and nutritional content are equal in every product to ensure uniformity of quality. The results of the HPLC analysis evidence this.

5. Herbal products have been recommended by health experts (medical doctors/physicians herbal) and have been recommended also by health associations.

6. Packaging systems of these herbal products and nutritional composition ensure stability and durability, not damaged or lost by a specific time and temperature. This is usually characterized by dark-colored glass bottles as the primary packaging and outer carton as secondary packaging.

7. expiry date,

After six terms that fit the criteria are met, the time you buy and consume but do not forget before you buy look at the date of expiration of these herbs, because it is one thing that should not be overlooked.

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