Paint and Ink Industry chemicals supplier in Dubai

We offer a wide portfolio of raw materials and chemicals used in the paint and coating business, like high-quality binders, pigments, fillers, additives and solvents.

These paint and ink industry chemicals are used in producing varied paints, subject coatings, automotive and industrial coatings, etc. These paint and ink industry chemicals are a unit particularly designed to assist the makers to advance their product formulations to supply wonderful sturdiness and purposeful products to their clients.

Paint and Ink Industry chemicals supplier in Dubai


Innoveda international general trading offers advanced technology additives or auxiliary compound chemicals used in paint and coating formulations that contribute to enhancing the properties, stability and sturdiness of the finished product within the paint and ink coating industries and businesses.

Pigments & Fillers

Innoveda chemicals facilitate makers to formulate paints and inks with desired colour and opacity with pigments. These paint and ink industry chemicals can even offer appropriate concealing power and enhance the weathering stability of the finished product. Moreover, we provide top quality efficient fillers which will be used in formulating varied paints and inks to enhance their performance characteristics.

Raw Materials & Monomers

Innoveda offers top-quality monomers and chemical intermediates for manufacturing a good variety of polymers by exploiting totally different strategies of chemical change. factory-made polymers with excellent monomers and intermediates offer wonderful performance in an exceedingly wide selection of paint and ink industry chemical applications.


Innoveda international chemical trading LLC offers top-quality resins that act as superior primary binders in paint and coating formulations. These resin chemicals have an outstanding binding impact and supply key needed performance characteristics as well as excellent adhesion, washability, scrub resistance, fade resistance and gloss retention etc for the paints and inks.


High-quality solvent area units offered by Innoveda chemicals that offer wonderful dispersancy or dissolvings of numerous parts used in the formulation of a good variety of paints and ink products.