Oil drilling chemicals distributor in UAE

Innoveda chemicals is the best chemical distributor and supplier headquartered in the UAE. Innoveda offers high-quality oil drilling chemicals like additive packages, additive elements, base stocks, and speciality lubricants within the UAE and international markets.

Innoveda chemicals provide a complete variety of oil drilling chemicals including intelligence-designed lubricating substance additives for formulating heavy internal-combustion engine oils, coach engine oils, automotive gear oils, and transmission system fluids (ATF), in addition to a range of different additive packages and elements that may be used in the formulation of lubricants for on-road, cross-country and industrial applications.
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A wide range of body Modifiers (VMs), body Index Improvers (VIIs) and different elements like TBN boosters, Pour purpose Depressants (PPD), dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, rust preventives, etc. offered by innoveda chemicals facilitate lubricating substance makers formulate high-performance finished product meeting the needs of the newest international standards.

Innoveda chemicals are considered one of the most effective supply chemicals used in the oil drilling industry in the UAE. We have a tendency to additionally provide chemicals required for coolants, concentrates and super concentrates liquid, high-quality heat transfer fluids. Our various portfolio of chemical and their solutions effectively meets the increasing and heterogeneous demands of the market.